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Humble Beginnings

Chef Steven Gebhardt’s introduction to the culinary world was a fluke. During a summer job as a dish washer in a restaurant, he fell in love with cooking. As he describes it “cooking became my life”. After Culinary School, Chef Gebhardt made his way around the North East developing his skills in various cuisines from French to Japanese, landing at the famed Tibute under Chef Don Yamauchi.

French Cuisine and Japanese Knives

Whether it’s French cuisine or Japanese cuisine, in the end you are still using the knife to cut food-be it a cucumber, filet of fish, a terrine, etc. There are some projects that I will only use my Japanese single edge knives on and there are some that I will only use my double edge. Raw fish will only see the shine of my Deba and Kiritsuke knives, while any meat will be seeing my double edge knives. It all depends on what you are comfortable using.

On Japanese Knives

I think the first thing is the sheer beauty that draws me to them. The way the blade curves, the shine of the steel, the simplicity of the handle all have me wanting more. The second thing is the strength of the steel. They are the most sharp knives out there. If you give them a bit of love every day, they will return it tenfold. I love single –edged Japanese knives. I have a Deba that I use to butcher whole fish. I also have a kiritsuke that I use on boneless fish, and I also have a usuba that I use for all vegetables.

On His Favorite Dish

Gołąbki. Hands down. It is a Polish dish that my Grandmother used to always make. It is cabbage leaves stuffed with beef, onions and rice stewed in tomatoes and bacon for a better part of the day. Comfort food at its finest.

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