Yoshihiro Kasumi 3pc Japanese Chef Knife Set: Yanagi , Deba , Usuba (Magnolia Handle)

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This 3 piece Kasumi set includes standard size Yanagi, Usuba, and Deba carefully selected in order to handle varying sizes of vegetables and fish. This combination of knives will do most of your daily chopping and slicing tasks. Our Yoshihiro Kasumi knives are incomparable in their craftsmanship and performance. Yoshihiro Kasumi knives are complimented with a traditional Japanese style handcrafted Magnolia (Round) handle affixed with a Water Buffalo Horn bolster, and a protective wooden sheath called a Saya is included, which protects the knife and adds to its appearance when not in use. 

The Yoshihiro Kasumi White Steel Yanagi Sashimi Japanese Knife is designed for sushi and sashimi chefs. With its single-edged blade, this chef's knife, made of white steel, thinly slices through the skin and flesh of a fish with ease and without compromising the taste and quality of the structure unlike other knives which can damage the cell walls and alter the feel and taste. Traditional yanagi knives leave the fish smooth, shiny, and fresh. In traditional Kasumi craftsmanship, this knife was forged by layering softer steel over a hard steel core. The core, made of high carbon white steel #2 allows for superior sharpness and edge retention while the softer iron forged around it adds durability.

Hand crafted in Japan with traditional techniques, the Yoshihiro Kasumi White Steel Yanagi Sashimi Japanese Knife has a completely flat ground on front (shinogi), and a concave ground (urasuki) with a flat rim (uraoshi) on the back. As traditional Japanese knives and cutlery value sharpness, the hardness of the white steel (62 HRC) lets these tradesmen make a thin, sharp cutting edge on the blade.

The Deba knife is a heavy knife that was made to filet and butcher whole fish. The heft of the Deba knife allows it to cut through the heads and bones of a fish, and its smaller pointed tip filets the flesh from the bones. The Deba knife can used be for chicken and meat but is not recommended for cutting through large bones. The Deba knife is one of the most essential of traditional Japanese knives and is a powerful component in the repertoire of many chefs. Even the simplest of tasks are elevated with a handcrafted knife that is as beautiful as it is functional.

One of the most sought after of knives and fast becoming a new essential companion to the popular chefs knife is the traditional Japanese vegetable knife known as the Edo Usuba. The Edo Usuba is reminiscent of a small cleaver and has a blunt tip that comes in handy for such things as cutting the eye out of a potato. This knife is cherished for its ability to chop through root vegetables to thinly slicing delicate tomatoes. From prepping greens for a salad to chopping vegetables for a main dish, the simplest of tasks are elevated with a handcrafted knife that is as beautiful as it is functional.

HRC 62 Handle Material Magnolia
Grade Kasumi
Bolster Material Water Buffalo Horn (color varies)
Stain Resistant No Handle Shape

D-Shaped (Yanagi/Usuba), 

Round (Deba)

Blade Material White Steel #2 Saya Cover Magnolia
Edge Angle Single Edged

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