Custom Order Service

To get a price quotation fill out the form with the following information:

1.) Choose your knife type (ie: Yanagi, Deba, Usuba, Gyuto, etc..)
2.) Choose your size ( 80mm – 330mm)
3.) Choose your blade material (ie: White steel, Blue steel #1, Ginsan, etc..)
4.) Choose the Grade (Kasumi, Honkasumi, Honyaki..)
5.) Choose right handed or Left handed
6.) Choose your handle material (Shitan roswood, Magnolia wood, Yew Wood, or Ebony wood)
7.) Choose your handle shape (Round, Octoagonal or D-shaped)

How long does it take?

Custom orders typically require 2-6 weeks to be completed.

However, some knives may take longer due to the difficulty of forging or sourcing the material.

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