What is Sabidome?

Sabidome is a protective film that is on all of our High Carbon Steel knives. Sabidome means “rust proofing” in Japanese. It is a protective layer applied to the blades of our High Carbon Steel knives to prevent them from rusting during shipment. You may notice very fine scratches on the face of the blade.These are just fine smudges on the protective film of the “sabidome” and they are easily removable. 

It is perfectly safe to use your knife with the protective film and after a few uses it will come off on it’s own. If you prefer to remove it before you use your knife, it can be easily removed with lacquer thinner. Lacquer thinner is available at most hardware stores. Just apply a few drops of the thinner on a soft cloth and rub the knife blade on both sides. Afterwards we recommend you apply Tsubaki oil on the blade to protect it from rust and discoloration.

Knife Blade without SabidomeKnife Blade with Sabidome

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