Yoshihiro High Speed Steel Gyuto Chefs Knife (Black Pakkawood Handle) w/ Lacquered Nuri Saya Cover

日本製 Made in Japan
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日本製 Made in Japan

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Our Yoshihiro High Speed Steel Gyuto is a state of the art Handcrafted Japanese Chefs knife. It beautifully brings together incredible sharpness, long lasting edge retention, stain resistance, and an ease of sharpening that outclasses many other knives currently on the market. The outstanding performance of the knife is the result of combing state of the art metallurgy with the bountiful knowledge and skill of the master craftsmen.


High Speed Steel is currently considered to be the most advanced stainless steel on the market for high end kitchen knives. A particular significance is the high amount of Cobalt (8%) in the steel alloy which give it its high wear resistance and durability. It makes it perfect for use in its original purpose of industrial machinery, but also excellent in high end kitchen knives which require long lasting edge retention.

It is not easy to forge kitchen knives with High Speed Steel and there are not many knife manufacturers that make the attempt. However, the end results are overwhelmingly positive if done successfully. A particular importance is during heat treatment when the steel reaches in excess of 1200 degrees Celsius. This temperature is extremely high even within forging handcrafted Japanese knives and combined with the state of the art steel, it is what makes the Yoshihiro High Speed Steel Gyuto its exceptional features.

The High Speed Steel core is clad in full stainless steel for added protection and durability and comes with a handcrafted Lacquered Magnolia Wood for easy storage. Black Pakkawood is utilized on this full tanged handle and the stainless steel bolster enjoys an elegant finish that is quite uncommon within most handcrafted Japanese knives.

Additional information

Knife Size

8.25" (210mm), 9.5" (240mm), 10.5" (270mm)

Blade Material

High Speed Steel

Edge Angle

Double Edged


3 Layer Clad

Handle Material

Black Pakkawood

Handle Shape




Knife Style


Saya Cover

Lacquered Magnolia Wood

Stain Resistant


2 reviews for Yoshihiro High Speed Steel Gyuto Chefs Knife (Black Pakkawood Handle) w/ Lacquered Nuri Saya Cover

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Big_Easy51 (verified owner)

    This is nothing short of an incredible, almost magical, Gyuto blade. Its length, at 9.5″ is about perfect for my uses. The 8.25″ would have been too short, and while the 10.5″ would have been nice, the extra length was not really needed.
    First off, let’s talk about the handle. The handle is Pakkawood, an ebony colored composite product, and it is trimmed out with a stainless bolster and rivets. I was afraid the western style , full tang handle was going to be too heavy, but my concern was unnecessary. The knife is perfectly balanced, and fairly lightweight. I still would have preferred an octagonal or D-shaped Japanese style handle, but that wasn’t a deal breaker. And already, after just a week of moderate use, it feels as natural in my hand as the traditional handles on my other Japanese knives.
    The steel is what makes the knife, and the steel in this one amazes and delights. It is called HAP-40, and was developed by Hitachi. Real blade freaks know that this powder steel’s chemical make-up (C 1.27-1.37 % | Cr 3.70-4.70 % | W 5.60-6.40 % | Mo 4.60-5.40 % | V 2.80-3.30 % | Co 7.50-8.50 %) makes it one of, of not the best semi-stainless steel available for knife making. The 65-66 HRC means that it is HARD. It will hold a razor edge longer than you can imagine. (After about 15 hours prepping everything from onions to potatoes to beets to okra; excising fillets, with surgical precision, off a 9 lb kingfish, carving a few chickens, separating St. Louis ribs after grilling, and trimming a beef brisket and beef tenderloin, I can still shave with the blade. I was so amazed by this fact, I no longer have any hair on my arms…I had to show everyone.)
    That last value in the steel’s chemical composition, Co, is cobalt. The high percentage, averaging 8%, is one of the reasons this Hitachi-developed steel is so hard. In fact it is the same steel some of my wood turning chisels are made of. And those chisels cut and shape hardwood burls, and composite stone, and keep on going. That said, when a blade is this hard, and the edge is this sharp, it can chip. If you have a set of Japanese water stones, that is no big deal…just re-sharpen, removing the chip in the process. All in all, this is a super high-performance knife. Put it through its paces, but baby it a bit. Don’t cut up frozen food with it. Don’t hack through bone. And for gawd sake, keep it out of the dishwasher! Hand wash, and then hand dry.
    The HAP-40 is sandwiched between two layers of softer stainless, affording the blade great durability, while making it easy to sharpen.
    As for the color of the blade, the photos are misleading. In some of the pictures, it appears to be black, or charcoal, or almost blue. It is not. The blade is silver, and it is nicely polished. The first photograph is the most accurate, color wise.
    I own a number of Yoshihiro knives, and this one was a tremendous value. Typically, I purchase the super blue steel, black forged knives because instead of paying for fancy finish, I am buying a super hard, very sharp blade. Those knives require some extra care, however, such as washing and drying, and then oiling them immediately after use to prevent oxidation. This steel used in this Gyuto is more forgiving. No oiling required, just normal care. It offers a better value, as well. A magnolia saya is included; with the black forged, super blue steel version, a saya is sold separately. Once you purchase that, the black forged knife is actually MORE expensive than this one.
    If I can make one suggestion, it would be to contact Yoshihiro when you purchase this knife, and ask them to pre-sharpen the knife for you. Although all their knives are quite sharp when they are shipped, the pre-sharpening puts a scary sharp edge on the knife. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.
    This is a double bevel blade, meaning it works equally well for a right handed or left handed user.
    The skill of the sword maker is evident in this knife. It will quickly become one of, if not the most used knife in your arsenal.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Joseph Sharpe

    This knife quickly replaced every other knife in my bag as my go to for pretty much everything.
    As I look around at the next knife I would like to buy,I cant find one that will come even remotely close to this kind of price to performance ratio
    If you are even remotely interested just buy it I promise you wont be disappointed

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