Yoshihiro Inox Stain-resistant Aus-10 Steel Ice Hardened Gyuto (210mm) with Hi-Soft High Performance Chefs Tool Professional Grade Cutting Board

日本製 Made in Japan
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日本製 Made in Japan

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Use the best cutting surface available on the market to compliment your premium knives. This high quality synthetic material will immediately improve your knifes edge retention along with improving its lifespan. Easy to clean, anti-bacterial, and made in Japan.


  • Knife: 8,25 IN (210mm)
  • Small: 15.8″ x 8.8″x 0.8″(40cm x 22cm x 2cm)
  • Medium: 17.7″ x 9.8″x 0.8″(45cm x 25cm x 2cm)
  • Large: 19.6″ x 10.6″x 0.8″(50cm x 27cm x 2cm)
  • X-Large: 23.6″ x 11.8″x 0.8″(60cm x 30cm x 2cm)
  • Our Yoshihiro Inox Gyuto is forged from a single piece of Aus-10 stainless steel and is complimented with a premium Western style high-grade composite wood handle that extends to the full tang of the knife. It is NSF certified for use in commercial kitchens. With a carbon content of over 1%, the Yoshihiro Inox Stain-Resistant Aus-10 steel knives outclasses most other competitors in edge retention, toughness, and ease of sharpening. This fact makes the Yoshihiro Inox Aus-10 Series the top of its class in high-end stainless steel knives.

    The Yoshihiro Hi-soft Cutting Board is one of the best cutting surfaces available on the market. Carefully made in Japan using soft polyvinyl acetate, this high quality synthetic material is specifically designed to minimize the stress on both your hand and on your knifes blade edge. Using your knives on this board will result in an immediate improvement in your blades edge retention, and consequently, a longer lifespan for all of your knives. The impact of the cutting board becomes significantly larger as the quality of the knife used on it becomes greater. In other words, in order to get the best out your premium knives, it is necessary to use it on a premium cutting board. This is the reason Hi-soft cutting boards are used in many upscale sushi restaurants where chefs use premium single edged sashimi knives which have razor thin blades that are extremely sharp but also delicate.  High Quality Synthetic Plastic – Soft Polyvinyl AcetateEasy to clean Anti-BacterialHand Crafted in Japan*Do not place in dish washer

    Additional information

    Blade Material

    INOX Aus-10 Ice Hardened Stain Resistant Steel

    Cutting Board Size

    Small, Medium, Large, XL

    Edge Angle

    Double Edged



    Handle Material

    Black Pakkawood

    Handle Shape




    Knife Style



    High Quality Synthetic Plastic – Soft Polyvinyl Acetate

    Saya Cover




    Stain Resistant



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