Yoshihro Aonamiuchi Blue Steel #2 Garasuki Traditional Japanese Poultry Boning Knife

日本製 Made in Japan
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日本製 Made in Japan

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The traditional Japanese boning knife for poultry known as a Garasuki knife is a heavier and heftier version of the Honesuki, a traditional Japanese boning knife for poultry.


The Garasuki is a heavier and heftier version of the Honesuki, a traditional Japanese boningknife for poultry. The Garasuki and the Honesuki are becoming one of the most sought after new tools for cooks and chefs.

The Garasuki boning knife differs from the traditional Western style boning knife in a few key ways that not only sets itself a parts, but excels with its innovative features that highlight Japanese ingenuity and cuisine. Aoko Blue Steel #2 with a hardness on the Rockwell scale of 64, is intricately forged with iron to create beautiful wave like patterns. It takes a very high degree of skill to create knives of exceptional performance with such exquisite beauty. Namiuchi means wave forged, and our master artisans blend aesthetics with the highest quality materials and and craftsmanship. With an extremely sharp pointed tip that is reminiscent of a beak, clean strokes of the blade can separate poultry and meat from the bone resulting in beautiful filets. With a spine that increases in thickness towards the heel of the blade, extra heft and balance allow the blade to cut through joints and cartilage for perfect butchering.

Our Yoshihiro Garasuki boning knife is forged with particular care to create a blade with a hefty spine and sturdy heel that arcs into an elegant tip, which can maneuver through both delicate filets and heavy joints with finesse. Although carbon steel knives are not stainless, with proper care they can provide years of enjoyment. This knife is complimented with a traditional Japanese style handcrafted shitan rosewood handle affixed with a Water Buffalo horn bolster.

Additional information

Knife Size

7" (180mm)



Knife Style


Handle Shape


Handle Material

Shitan Rosewood

Blade Material

High Carbon Steel #2

Edge Angle

Single Edged



Saya Cover

Natural Magnolia Wood

Stain Resistant


Bolster Material

Water Buffalo Horn (color varies)


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