Yoshihiro Kurouchi Super Blue Steel Stainless Clad Kiritsuke Multipurpose Chef Knife Mahogany Handle

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Our handmade Yoshihiro Kurouchi Super Blue Steel Stainless Clad Series are unparalleled in their performance. The Black Forged 'Kurouchi' finish consists of the carbonized coating created during heat treating and provides for a characteristic look and a rustic aesthetic to the blade. Super Blue High Carbon Steel with a hardness on the Rockwell scale of 64-65 is considered to be the top of its class in high carbon steel metallurgy.

Our Yoshihiro Kurouchi Stainless Clad Knives are clad in 2 layers of full Kurouchi stainless steel that provides durability and protection without sacrificing its sharp cutting edge. Traditional Kurouchi knives will always be made out of highly reactive carbon steel but this knife is exceptional in that the Kurouchi finish is on the Stainless Cladding which is a new development in modern metallurgy and is highly rare and difficult to forge.

Super Blue Steel is the most recent addition to the high carbon steel family. The most familiar of the high carbon steels is the white and blue steel #1 and #2 which are ranked by their hardness and wear resistance levels. Ranked starting from the best the list goes Blue steel #1, Blue steel #2, White steel #1, and White steel #2. Super Blue Steel ranks above all of these with an HRC level of 64-65 and a wear resistance that outclasses Blue Steel #1.

In the hands of master craftsmen the steel can be forged and sharpened into a world class knife that boasts top class sharpness and edge retention. The extremely sharp blade will allow for the most accurate of cuts to be made with consistency and with ease. Furthermore the blade has the ability to perform at that level for an extremely long period of time because of its high wear resistance.

HRC 64-65 Handle Material Mahogany
Grade Aogami Kurouchi Stainless Clad Bolster Material Stainless Steel
Stain Resistant Yes, except along the knife's edge
Handle Shape Western
Blade Material Blue Steel Super Saya Cover Optional
Edge Angle Double Edged

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