Yoshihiro Suminagashi Ginsanko High Carbon Stain Resistant Steel Kiritsuke Japanese Multipurpose Chef Knife Ebony Handle

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Suminagashi translates as floating ink and refers to the beautiful marbled wave like patterns that extend through the blade from the tip to the heel, unveiling a new mosaic with every sharpening. Only the most skilled of artisans can forge together these metals in such complex puzzle piece formations to fashion knives of this caliber with the highest quality, blending aesthetics and performance.

Ginsanko blends traditional methods of knife making with modern metallurgy. Ginsanko is a breakthrough in the incorporation of high carbon steel and stain resistant metallic elements. With a hardness on the Rockwell scale of 63-64, they offer a rare combination of traditional Japanese high carbon knives with stainless steel properties.

Our Yoshihiro Ginsan Suminagashi Kiritsuke knives is forged by our master artisans to create traditional Japanese knives of the highest quality that can provide peace of mind in high paced environments. Ginsan Suminagashi Kiritsuke knives are complimented with a traditional Japanese style handcrafted Premium Ebony handle and double bolster equipped with a protective wooden sheath called a "Saya," which protects the knife and adds to its appearance when not in use. This specific Saya included with the knife is brush coated with non-toxic lacquer coating made from organic tree saps in Japan.

The Kiritsuke knife is a traditional Japanese single edged all-purpose chefs knife that resembles a sword and the wideness of the blade gives it the dexterity to do multiple jobs. In recent years a double edged version of the kiritsuke has increasingly become popular with chefs who appreciates the aesthetics of the sword like shape but still prefers to use double edged knives. This particular kiritsuke is the double edged version and will be an easy transition to make from the common chefs knife for most.

HRC 63-64 Handle Material Ebony
Grade Suminagashi Ginsan
Bolster Material Ironwood
Stain Resistant Yes Handle Shape Octagonal
Blade Material Ginsan Stainless Steel Saya Cover Nuri Lacquered Magnolia
Edge Angle Double Edged

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