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Design YOUR OWN KNIFE with premium wooden handle materials or left-handed options for blade and bolster. Orders require 2-6 weeks to be completed. LEARN MORE


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Sharpening Seminar at Viceroy Santa Monica

2016-10-18 21:04:43

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A knife is only as strong as its steel. While steel, in general, is an alloy of iron and carbon, it can take many different forms depending on what else the iron and carbon is combined with — along with how the steel is forged and what type of deoxidization process is employed...

The Types of Steel Used for Making Knives: An Overview

2016-05-25 16:08:00

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Sharpening Seminar at Ink - West Hollywood

2016-05-23 20:22:00

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Japanese knives



While knife making is one of the most difficult skills to perfect, it is where Yoshihiro Excels

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Yoshihiro knives has a history that spans over100 years and has inherited the Japanese tradition of beauty and performance.

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At our Yoshihiro store we offer professional knife sharpening and repair services. We can repair virtually any knife or edge and restore the blade's edge...

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