Yoshihiro Aonamiuchi Hamokiri 270mm Japanese Eel Bone Slicer Knife Artisan Hand Engraved Unagi Nobori Climbing Eel Yew Handle

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This knife is part of a limited edition that hand-crafted with extraordinary skill by our master artisans. Aoko Blue Steel #1 with a hardness on the Rockwell scale of 64, is intricately forged with iron to create beautiful wave like patterns. It takes a very high degree of skill to create knives of exceptional performance with such exquisite beauty. Namiuchi means wave forged, and our master artisans blend aesthetics with the highest quality materials and and craftsmanship.

Our handmade Yoshihiro Aonamiuchi knives are crafted with extraordinary skill by our master artisans to create high quality knives that are indispensable in their craftsmanship and performance. Blue Steel #1 with a hardness on the Rockwell scale of 64, is forged with iron to create beautiful mist patterns, and an emphasis is placed on refined forging and polishing with the highest attention to detail.

Unagi nobori is a Japanese expression that describes something that becomes rapidly favorable or skyrockets. It is often used in the context of a rapidly rising popularity or worth of a product or stock. The expression comes from an image of eel climbing upstream as an adult to reach breeding grounds. The vigor in which they climb and the difficulty to control and catch them due to their slippery skin is what gives the expression meaning.

Our Yoshihiro Aonamiuchi knives are complimented with a traditional Japanese style handcrafted Yew Tree wooden (Octagon-Shaped) handle affixed with a Water Buffalo horn bolster. The Hamokiri is a large slicing knife traditionally used for chopping small and thin fishbone to loosen the fillet to be served as Sashimi. Hamo translates to pike conger, and

HRC 64 Handle Material Yew
Grade Artisan Engraved Aonamiuchi Bolster Material Water Buffalo Horn (color varies)
Stain Resistant No Handle Shape Octagonal
Blade Material Blue Steel #1 Saya Cover Magnolia
Edge Angle Single Edged

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