Sharpening Service

At Yoshihiro Cutlery, we offer professional knife sharpening and repair services. We can repair virtually any knife or edge and restore the blade's edge beyond its factory sharpness. At Yoshihiro we professionally sharpen every blade by hand with traditional Japanese whetstones by trained and seasoned hands.

Unlike grinding wheel sharpening which can irreparably harm the metallic composition of traditional Japanese and other high carbon knives, Japanese water stones are the only materials that can preserve and extend the edges of high quality knives.

From kitchen knives to swords and everything in between, we can sharpen and repair almost every type of blade edge. We also offer a unique premium high performance custom edge crafting where we put an extreme edge for maximum performance of your knife. Whether you are looking to have a traditional Japanese or Western knife sharpened, we can assess the condition of the knife or instrument and the type of sharpening or repair needed, based your personal needs. Depending upon the condition of the knife we can also fix chips, dents, and other types of defects.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Knife Sharpening rates are based on the condition, blade material, and size of the knife or instrument, and a prior assessment must be made before a quote can be given on items with heavy damage.
We accept knives through walk-ins to our showroom in Redando Beach, CA or through mail.

Please email us at a detailed description of the items that need sharpening or repair, along with pictures of the item and any of its defects for a proper assessment of price and date of repair BEFORE mailing your knife.

If mailing your knife, please send your knife to our shipping address:

Yoshihiro Cutlery
2207 Artesia Blvd
Redondo Beach, CA 90278
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