Yoshihiro Hinoki Cypress Anti-bacterial Japanese Natural Wooden Professional Grade Cutting Board (Thickness: 1.18"(30mm))

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Size - Length x Width x Thickness

Large: 15.7" x 9.4"x 1.18" (40cm x 24cm x 3cm)
X-Large: 17.7" x 10.24" x 1.18" (45cm x 26cm x 3cm)
XX-Large: 19.6" x 11.8" x 1.18" (50cm x 30cm x 3cm)

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Hinoki wood has high levels of wood sap content which may periodically leak from the wood depending on temperature and humidity. 

This is completely natural and non-toxic and is the source of the anti-bacterial qualities that Hinoki Cypress is known for. The sap can be easily washed off and also adds a pleasant fragrance to the wood.

This cutting board is beautifully designed to take advantage of the woods high natural oil content and anti-bacterial component in order to maximize performance, ease of use, and longevity. Hinoki Cypress own oils naturally provide a barrier against all forms of insects and rotting, and also resists shrinkage and warping. The woods weight and medium soft texture provides a stable surface that is friendly on quality knives with sharp delicate cutting edges.

The Yoshihiro Hinoki Cypress Wood Professional Grade Cutting Board take the natural traits of the Hinoki Cypress wood and designs a cutting board focused on performance, ease of use, and longevity. Hinoki is a cypress wood that is grown in Kouchi Prefecture, Japan. Its quality is regarded as the very best and is considered a top tier wood for use in cutting boards. Its high natural oil content has an anti- bacterial component, making it highly resistant to all types of insects and rotting, and also shrinkage and warping.

The natural oil also gives the wood a delicate fragrance that is enjoyable and therapeutic. By twisting the wooden stand at the bottom, the board can be made to stand by itself. Using this feature after washing and cleaning will speed up the drying process for better sanitation and longevity. The cutting board should be cleaned with a mild detergent and air dried.

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