Yoshihiro Suzugami Kazahana Flexible Tin Plate with Optional Koro Rolling Stick

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Recommended to purchase with Koro Rolling Stick for first-time users.
‘Suzugami’ or ‘tin paper’, is a new tin product that, as its name suggests, is thin like paper and freely malleable. By repeatedly hammering a rolled tin sheet, not only can it become patterned, but it gains a strength that has resistance to repeated bending.

Plate Sizes
Small: 5.12'' X 5.12'' (13cm X 13cm)
Medium: 7.1'' X 7.1'' (18cm X 18cm)
Large: 9.5'' X 9.5'' (24cm X 24cm)

Koro Stick Sizes
Medium: 7.1'' X 1'' (18cm X 2.5cm)

Suzugami is an item that can be folded and bent like an origami (Japanese folding paper craft), enabling users to form any kinds of shapes.

Unlike an ordinary tin plate, Suzugami was firstly compressed and extended many times. As skillful craftsmen rhythmically hammer the plate, any degradation due to bending and stretching has been reduced.

The pleasure of using Suzugami is the pleasure to form any shape by oneself.
Users could enjoy their own forms with their own ways of using it, as it could be used as an accessory case or as a plate for snacks placed next to Japanese sake, not to mention its use as a plate for visitors.

Care & Use
Wash with mild detergent using soft cloth (sponge).
Polish with commercial metal cleaner, toothpaste, or baking soda to bring out the luster.
Please avoid contact with direct flames or heat. Not oven-safe or microwave-safe.
Handwash only, not dishwasher safe.
Use of scrub brush, metal scouring pads, harsh abrasive, steel wool, scouring powder are also not recommended.

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