Yoshihiro Mizu Yaki Blue Steel #2 Kurouchi Petty Kiritsuke Japanese Utility Knife Shitan Handle

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*Recommended to purchase with Custom-Cut Saya Knife Cover Sheath
Our handmade Yoshihiro Mizu Yaki Blue High Carbon Steel Kurouchi Petty Kiritsuke Utility knife are unparalleled in their performance. Mizu Yaki is a meticulous process of pure water quenching that draws out the hardness of refined steel while infusing it with enough resiliency to perform consistently in the most exacting of conditions. Exemplifying the most intricate techniques of forging, layering, and hammering, Kurouchi translates as Black Forged and is a traditional Japanese method of crafting high carbon knife. This unique style of forging offers an unpolished rustic finish.

Blue High Carbon Steel #2 with a hardness on the Rockwell scale of 62-63 is considered to be the top of its class in high carbon steel metallurgy. It is sandwiched in between carbon steel in the traditional Warikomi style to add to its durability and ease sharpening. It takes a very high degree of skill to create knives of such exceptional performance and exquisite beauty with a steel of this caliber and is a testament to the extraordinary skill of the artisans.

Sometimes called a utility knife, the Petty Kiritsuke is a smaller version of a chefs knife but is bigger than a Paring knife. The Petty Kiritsuke fits in small places that require more dexterity than bigger chefs knives while handling bigger jobs than a Paring knife can take care of. The Petty Kiritsuke will soon become the go-to knife in your kitchen.

The difference will be felt right away when a hand-forged Japanese Petty Kiritsuke knife of incomparable sharpness is used for smaller precision tasks such as peeling, trimming, and slicing small fruits and vegetables to handling bigger tasks as a small chefs knife. A razor sharp Petty knife can intricately carve and style vegetables and fruits for beautiful presentations and garnishes, performing just as well for bigger jobs such as preparing meals.

HRC 62-63 Handle Material Rosewood
Grade Mizu Yaki Kurouchi Bolster Material Ebony
Stain Resistant No Handle Shape Round
Blade Material Blue Steel #2 Saya Cover Optional
Edge Angle Double Edged

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