Yoshihiro Genuine Natural Leather Knife Culinary Roll Storage Bag Case Brown

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  • Open - Length: 29.1"(740mm), Width: 19.7"(500mm)
  • Closed - Diameter 15"(381mm) to 22"(558mm)
  • 7 Slots: 2.4"(60mm) each
  • Zipper pocket: - 17.7"(450mm)
  • Material: Natural Leather

    This Brown Natural Leather Roll Storage Knife Bag is used to store and protect your knife. Natural leather provides superior durability over man-made synthetic leather products. 

    It resists tears and punctures very well. In comparison to synthetic leather, natural leather is more porous which means it "breathes" well and is more comfortable in hot environments. Whereas synthetic leather cracks with age, natural leather is very durable and becomes softer with age.

    * Cotton Knife Pouch is NOT Included.

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