Yoshihiro Lacquered Magnolia Wooden Blade Protector Saya Cover for Nakiri Vegetable Chefs Knife

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The Lacquered Magnolia Wooden Blade Protector is brush coated with a layer of non-toxic lacquer made from organic tree saps in Japan. The lacquer coating provides resistance to unwanted odor, stain, and chips, all the while highlighting the beauty of the wood grain with exquisite effect.

Size Chart

Knife Size Saya Dimension
Usuba / Nakiri 6.5"(165mm) 1.81" W x 0.098" H (46mm x 2.5mm)
Usuba / Nakiri 7"(180mm) 2.1''W x 0.15"H(55mm x 2.5mm)
  • Made of Japanese Magnolia wood which is soft, moisture-resistant, and contains no strong resins that may cause corrosion in carbon steel.
  • Non-toxic lacquer coating made from Japanese tree saps. Coating provides stain, chip, odor resistance and allows for easy cleaning.
  • Provides an elegant look that highlights the beauty of the woodgrain with exquisite effect.
* Please note that we recommend drying the knife before placing it into the Saya. This Saya Cover made only for Yoshihiro Knife. It might NOT fit to other brand knives. Exceptionally our Saya Cover does NOT fit to our Kurouchi Black forged knives. Any questions in regards to compatibility, please contact with our “Contact ” page or call us at (310) 777-0227.

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