Yoshihiro Natural Magnolia Wooden Saya Cover for Kama Usuba

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Japanese Magnolia wood (Ho-no-ki), is often used to make saya covers for traditional and Western-style knives. This is because it is soft, moisture-resistant, and contains no strong resins that might cause corrosion in carbon steel. For safety, a pin is used to keep the blade and sheath in place.

Size Chart 

Kama Usuba Blade Length Saya Dimension
7" (180mm) 1.88"W x 0.15"H (48mm x 4mm)
7.5" (195mm) 1.92"W x 0.15"H (49mm x 4mm)


  • Dry the knife before placing it into the Saya

Saya Cover Compatilibility 

  • This Saya Cover made only for Yoshihiro Knife. It MIGHT NOT fit to other brand knives.
  • This Saya Cover DOES NOT fit to our Kurouchi Black forged knives.

    Any questions in regards to compatibility, please contact with our "Contact" page or call us at (310) 777-0227.

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