Yoshihiro Toishi Sharpening Stone/Stone Fixer Whetstone 220 Grit

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#220 Grit *NOT Include Nagura Stone and Base

Size: 8.07'' X 3.07'' X 1.38'' (205mm X 78mm X 35mm)

A key component of knife care is knife sharpening. Japanese knives should always be sharpened and honed on premium quality Japanese water stones. A good quality Japanese water stone not only is the best surface to sharpen and maintain the blade of your knife, but it is also the best tool to preserve and take care of the the high-quality steel that it is made of.

The best knives require special care and consideration. The steel of a knife from Yoshihiro Cutlery was forged with careful attention by master craftsman heated and quenched through many laborious steps. The final product being a steel that is of the appropriate hardness with enough elasticity for inner structural integrity. A key component of knife care is knife sharpening.

These would be excellent tools for any professional and home cooks alike due to its multipurpose use and long-lasting surface!

This 220 Grit Toishi Whetstone makes efficient and quick work of knife sharpening with it’s highly abrasive surface. Additionally, the abrasive surface is also perfect for making your whetstones flat before sharpening.

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