Yoshihiro Super Blue Steel Stainless Clad Gyuto Chefs Knife Rosewood Handle

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Yoshihiro Super Blue Steel Clad Gyuto Chefs Knife is made using the highest grade high carbon steel and has been forged and sharpened into a beautiful piece of cutlery by our master craftsmen. Its hardness and edge retention outclasses both White Steel #1 and #2 and even Blue Steel #1 and #2. In the hands of an experienced chef, this work will be cherished and enjoyed in the kitchen for many years to come.

In the hands of master craftsmen the steel can be forged and sharpened into a world class knife that boasts top class sharpness and edge retention. The extremely sharp blade will allow for the most accurate of cuts to be made with consistency and with ease. Furthermore the blade has the ability to perform at that level for an extremely long period of time because of its high wear resistance.

The Yoshihiro Super Blue Steel Clad Gyuto is clad in 2 layers of full stainless steel that provides durability and protection without sacrificing its sharp cutting edge. The blade edge, where the Super Blue Steel is exposed, can patina with use but preventive measures using Tsubaki knife oil and removal methods using rust erasers are available.

The knife comes complimented with a handcrafted octagonal rosewood handle which is comfortable for both left and right handed users. 

HRC 63-64
Handle Material Rosewood
Grade Aogami Super Stainless Clad Bolster Material Ebony
Stain Resistant Yes, except along the knife's edge Handle Shape Octagonal
Blade Material Blue Steel Super Saya Cover  Magnolia
Edge Angle Double Edged

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